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La Pitchoune

Inspired by a small family property in the South of France, La Pitchoune means “the little one.” The name speaks to small production, small lots, and the idea that our small size is our greatest asset. At La Pitchoune, we prize the special care we can apply to our craft. By combining passion, art and science, we ensure that each blend is expressed to its fullest potential.

La Pitchoune is the realization of a dream that began in 2005. The vision? To create elegant, well-balanced wines pairing select Sonoma Coast grapes with French oak barrels for a distinctive blend with the discerning palate in mind.


andrew berge


Even the best fruit, the most painstaking process and the deepest passion require something more to make magic. Ours comes in the form of our winemaker and partner, Andrew Berge.

In a convergence of good fortune, specific circumstance and a genuine meeting of the minds, Andrew’s desire to create winning wines without restraint met our dream to create something truly extraordinary.

Andrew’s deep agricultural knowledge in combination with his vast international experience of crafting wines in various regions around the world provides us with ability to produce wines with a lasting impression.

the fruits of our labor

We are very proud to offer distinctive, handcrafted Pinot noir and Chardonnay from premier Sonoma Coast and Russian River appellations. Our exclusive vineyard designate wines are very limited in production and are available only through allocation. Please send us your contact information to be put on the list.

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2012 vin gris of pinot noir

Our 2012 Vin Gris of Pinot Noir is an expressive, bright pink wine with a wonderful crisp berry taste and vibrant acidity. The flavors of strawberry and watermelon will not only awaken your palate, but will also be the perfect pairing with almost any food.  A fantastic companion for a sunny afternoon on the bocce court, or as an aperitif to start a memorable evening.

Only 39 cases produced.

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2012 pinot noir

The 2012 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a perfect representation of what a La Pitchoune wine should be; elegant, restrained, and yet full of flavor.  It is also an excellent reflection of its origin.  The soil, the fog, and the influence of the cool ocean air make an impression in the glass.  Upon the first sip, the superb viscosity will not go unnoticed.  Notes of black cherries, orange blossoms, and the suggestion of black tea soon follow, and continue to tempt the senses.  The finish is deliciously spicy, with a distinct characteristic of freshly ground black pepper. While this wine is more than happy to stand up on its own, pairing it with some food will set the tone and enhance any meal.  Give it a whirl with your favorite halibut, mushroom pasta, or beef tenderloin with a red wine cognac sauce.

Only 279 cases produced.

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